Carissa gangetica Stapf ex Gamble

  • Family : APOCYNACEAE
  • Family (as per The Plant List) : Apocynaceae
  • Species : Carissa gangetica
  • Species Name (as per The Plant List) : Carissa spinarum L.
  • Key identification features : Spinescent shrub, branchlets glabrous, spines straight. Leaves are ovate or ovate-rhomboid, acute or obtuse and mucronate, nerves indistinct; Flowers are in shortly-peduncled cymes, calyx-lobes acuminate, pubescent, corolla small, tube less than 1 cm long. Fruit ellipsoid, ovoid, 6.2 mm diam., glabrous, seed one per cell.
  • Habit : Shrub
  • Flower, Fruit : March-November
  • Native : India
  • Comments : Rare on hills above 1200 m altitude in northern Eastern Ghats.
  • Conservation Status : Not Evaluated (NE)
  • Distribution Locality : Mahendragiri Hills (Ganjam district) (Odisha State)
  • World Distribution : India
  • Literature : Pullaiah et al., 2011 - Flora of Eastern Ghats Vol. 4; H.O. Saxena & M. Brahmam, 1995- Flora of Orissa Vol. 2
  • Citation : Sankara Rao, K., Arun Singh R., Deepak Kumar, Raja K Swamy and Navendu Page (2016). Digital Flora of Eastern Ghats. gangetica. Downloaded on 15 July 2020.


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